Anni  our AI can manage AV gear, Air-cons, Power and much more


Focus on what’s important by automating processes


Reduce power consumption and consumables saving you money

ColourFi your go to for automation.

ColourFi provides your workplace with an intuitive way to manage power usage, projector fleets and much more at the click of a button from any device. From touch screens which control the projectors and Air-cons in every room to smart scheduling software and automated projector bulb ordering. ColourFi’s latest generation technology is compatible with an array of workplaces – universities, schools, museums, conference centers. Take control of your projector fleet and save time, resources and money.

Classroom Controllers

ColourFi Capacitive Touchscreen Controllers are enterprise-grade, PoE touch screens designed for use in the modern workplace, it supports controlling multiple Projectors or devices at once. With superior hardware specs like Wi-Fi 802.11ac, the Classroom Controller plugs into to the ColourFi Cloud Controller IoT-based service meaning you can focus on the important things.



Hi! I am Anni, I am the magic behind the scenes, monitoring the battery life of our products, like the Aircon Controller so I can replace the battery before it goes flat, or reading projector lamp hours to order a new bulb before the current one fails. I am currently learning about power management and want to reduce power consumption to save you money while reducing emissions Win-Win!


Aircon Controller

ColourFi’s Aircon controller is a revolutionary product allowing the classroom controller or Anni to manage your airconditioning. Anni and the aircon controller can save you hundreds of dollars every year.


BLE Serial Adapter

ColourFi’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Serial Adapter is a bluetooth product allowing wireless communication to projector and many other devices.

What our customer say

ColourFi makes awesome products that just work for Education!

Hugo Van NiekerkICT Director Mazenod College

Anni saves us power everyday!

Troy DonovanOwner Donovans Engineering

Let’s make your workflow smoother

ColourFi’s user-friendly controllers and AI make saving power easy.

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