Classroom Projector Controller – Mazenod College

Supports Many Brands

Mazenod College in Lesmurdie had an interesting mix of projector brands, ages, and types which posed an issue when it came to ordering replacement bulbs, ensuring that all the brands and models of projectors had spares on hand became a task in itself. Our classroom projector controller was the perfect solution, supporting the mix of brands including Mitsubishi, Sony, Epson projectors.

Process Automation

Using our Classroom Projector Controller these devices are able to connect to our powerful cloud platform. ColourFi’s Cloud Controller allowed Mazenod to automate its consumable lamp ordering and get push notifications when the lamp needs to be replaced and the push alerts on error state allow the ICT Department to be proactive and fix issues before they were even reported.


At a glance, the ICT director at Mazenod College can see all of his AV assets and their usage, after installing wireless displays at the college the ICT Department can now get statistics on the usage of the new device and justify their investment in this new tech.

Power Saving

With ColourFi’s smart scheduling Mazenod was able to save power and lower the number of lamp hours used meaning fewer consumables used and a lower power bill. This is done by shutting down devices when they are not in use. In late 2019 ColourFi is releasing an exciting new add on for the projector Classroom Controller that will integrate with our smart scheduling system to also control air conditioning saving more energy and in turn money.

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