Coming Soon: Aircon Controller

We are excited to announce a new add-on for the classroom controller. Our new Aircon controller will enable our classroom controller to switch the aircon on and off and allow the organization to set a high or low setting, saving energy and money.

New Features:

With this new addon our classroom controller you can centralize the control of all your devices, this means no more flat batteries or lost remotes.

With our classroom controller, you can set the maximum or minimum temperature and fan speed, record times the device is powered on and estimate power usage or your next power bill.

The device can be scheduled to turn on and off with a set temperature meaning no more heating or cooling left on overnight.


The aircon controller is perfect for reverse cycle air conditioners or other devices that can be controlled with infra-red (IR). The controller has many other uses such as switching on speakers, TVs, fans among many other devices making our Classroom Controller very versatile.

Saving Money:

With features such as setting the max and minimum temperature, the power usage in each classroom can be reduced saving you money.

With the replacement of the default remote, you won’t have to buy any expensive batteries.

With our scheduling system, you can ensure that aircons are no longer left on by accident, meaning no more bill shock.

Coming Soon:

In late 2019 our scheduling system will be able to integrate with online calendars. Students and staff will always walk into a room that is the optimal temperature to encourage productivity. Once the classroom is no longer in use the Air conditioning and projectors will automatically turn off saving time and money.

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